Rohatsu Sesshin Online
December 6-12, 2020
Registration Deadline:  December 1

 "Sesshin," a term used to refer to a Zen retreat, comes from a Chinese-Japanese compound that literally means "to put the mind in order," but it can also be rendered as "Encounter of the Heart." "Heart" here not just mean the physical heart, but is rather the very core of our being. Sesshin can be conducted from 3 to 8 days or more. It is a period of intensive practice where one is invited to delve deep into the silence.

    This time of practice and entry into great silence does not entail closing our ears from sounds and shutting our eyes from what is happening in the world, but is rather an opportunity to open ourselves at the core of our being to the sounds and sights of the world, and to cultivate a heart of compassion.

     In addition to the periods of silence in sitting meditation, sesshin also includes work chores, breaks, walking meditation outside (weather permitting), participating in tea ceremony, physical exercises, and of course meals. An opportunity is also provided to meet with the teacher in private consultation every day.

Full time participation is encouraged to truly savor the practice, but part time attendance may be allowed for sufficient reason upon approval of the teacher.

Participants must at least have background zen meditation or contemplative practice and must have been accepted as a student by the head teacher. Guest participants, members of other zen communities, or independent practitioners, may also apply, and may be admitted upon approval of the teacher.

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