The Practice of Zen

Zen can offer something very simple, very direct and readily accessible to anyone seeking inner peace, seeking healing in some form, or seeking answers to questions such as ‘Who am I?’ ‘How can I find meaning in my life?’ ‘How can I live in a most authentic way?’

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Poetry Scroll 4

Mountain Standard Time

One hour up the trail
I would’ve whooped for joy
If I’d had the energy

Kinhin up a mountain
Where the balance of each step

Where the buzzards glide
You hear the wind in
their wings
Hope they don’t shit in my soup
8 hrs. & 10 miles for 3 gal. of H2O
Just to be on a mountain
I be exhausted
I be sore
I be happy
to be

–Jean Blucher


A tricycle is parked
On the front porch.
A child is sleeping.

–Anthony Hunter


In the spirit of Kinhin,
I cross the lawn
To get the morning paper,
Grass in my toes.

In the spirit of Kinhin,
I walk across the office
To the printer

Kinhin in the library.
Kinhin in the grocery.
Kinhin along the downtown
In the parking garage,
To the front door,
To supper,
To bed.

–Mark Peterman

The Place

Brick pathway; rain falling.
I hurry to the doorway.

Mat left outside,
I wipe my shoes.

Wet footprints imprint the carpet.
The difference is in the placement.

Spiritual Journey

Remembering childhood
and the promises.
Hearing…hollow truths.
Later, unprepared
for the message of Zen,
Hearing empty….truths.


Wet stepping stones; rain falling.
Onward through the entryway.
Footprints press on garden mosses.
A backward glance.
Which is real,
Water inside or outside the gate?

–Ivy Willy