The Practice of Zen

Zen can offer something very simple, very direct and readily accessible to anyone seeking inner peace, seeking healing in some form, or seeking answers to questions such as ‘Who am I?’ ‘How can I find meaning in my life?’ ‘How can I live in a most authentic way?’

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A Tale of Two Seekers A Tale of Two Seekers

By Bruce Blackman
Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in the MKZC Zen Journal, Volume 12, Number 1 Winter 2007
Rabbi David Rosen lived and taught a century ago in Eastern Europe.  Though the circumstances were humble …

Death-A Best Friend? Death-A Best Friend?

by Jean Blucher
“You have a limited time to live ,” the physician tells the patient, and the patient’s world shakes 9 on the Richter Scale. Then, ideally, after the predictable reactions, and the emotional roller …

Joriki Joriki

by Valerie Pettys
There is a phrase in the Heart Sutra that particularly affects me and urges me on in my practice each time we chant: “No hindrance of mind; no hindrance, therefore no fear.” The …

Zen Practice and Music Zen Practice and Music

by Valerie Pettys
Recently, I gave a short talk, at Ruben’s request, on the relationship of Zen practice to music. Two koans came to mind, both from Dogen’s Fukan Zazengi (General Recommendation of Zazen) that have …

Letting Go Letting Go

by Helen Cortes
When there is a void in one’s life, we always speak of an emptiness, a missing link, a permanent abyss. My father passed away four months ago and his death did not come …

Spiritual Practice for a Global Sangha Spiritual Practice for a Global Sangha

by Ruben Habito
Ruben L. F. Habito served as a Jesuit missionary in Japan from 1970 to 1989 and taught at Sophia University for many years. He now serves as Teacher (Roshi) at Maria Kannon Zen …