The Practice of Zen

Zen can offer something very simple, very direct and readily accessible to anyone seeking inner peace, seeking healing in some form, or seeking answers to questions such as ‘Who am I?’ ‘How can I find meaning in my life?’ ‘How can I live in a most authentic way?’

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Discover Your Hidden Treasure Discover Your Hidden Treasure

One of my favorite Zen kōans is about a monk named Qingshui (pronounced Seizei in Japanese), who asks his teacher, Caoshan, “Master, I am alone and poor. Help me to become prosperous.” Caoshan responds, addressing …

Dear Friends on the Zen Path, New Year’s Greetings, 2012 Dear Friends on the Zen Path, New Year’s Greetings, 2012

As we enter the 2012th year of the western calendar, which is also the Year of the Dragon in the East Asian cycle, we are made aware from many fronts that we live in troubled …

What I’m Reading Now What I’m Reading Now

Buddha Volume 1-Kapilavastu by Osamu Tezuka
Last November of 2010, arriving early on the final night of MKZC’s Tuesday night sit at the Crow Collection, Joni and I wandered upstairs to the sitting/reading room that’s above …

Near Death: Portal to Dimensions of Life Near Death: Portal to Dimensions of Life

By Lucille Enix
Twenty-five years ago, I fell into a dimension of life I had no concept existed. The event started with a blinding pain in my abdomen. They wheeled me into surgery, and from there …