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The practices of the East meet those of the West in this intriguing book on the relationship between Zen meditation and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Ruben Habito, a Zen Master as well as an expert in Ignatian spirituality, brings these two hallowed paths to enlightenment together in this intriguing book designed not only for believers in either tradition, but for seekers and beginners as well.

Both comparing and contrasting Zen traditions of meditation and enlightenment with St. Ignatius famous Exercises for attaining Divine Love, Habito offers suggestions on how the two traditions share the same goals and how each might benefit from the other or from their shared practice. As the reader follows Habito through the stages of purgation of false desires, illumination of one s true path, and the generous desire to give back what one has been given through the Divine, Habito shares illuminating and instructive stories, literary and spiritual reflections, and thought-provoking ways on how to update Zen and Ignatian spirituality to meet the needs and desires of a contemporary seeker. Price $23.00 plus shipping. Please purchase by using the dropdown menu above.



Healing Breath reminds us of the Buddha, who once said that it is fruitless to ask theoretical questions about the origins of illness when a person is mortally afflicted. Habito locates the sickness in human hearts that causes us to deal harshly with one another and with the Earth that is home to all that live and breathe. His vision and method help us counteract the effects of that sickness, to develop healing habits of mind and heart.Price: $12 plus shipping. Please purchase by using the dropdown menu above.


Comp 5 Experiencing Buddhism (Orbis Books) is the latest offering from Zen teacher Ruben L.F. Habito. Various schools of Buddhism provide their own unique perspective and approach on Buddhist philosophy and religion. Habito provides an integral look at how the different approaches bring insight and compassion into the world.Price: $18.00 plus shipping. Please purchase by using the dropdown menu above.



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